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Medical Marijuana offers us the ability to break the cycle of narcotic pharmaceuticals so that we are not trading one symptom for another.

About Our MMJ Center
what is medical marijuana in colorado

What is medical marijuana?

In the year 2000, a majority of voters approved Amendment 20 to the Colorado Constitution. At that point, marijuana became a 'medical' right in Colorado.

MMJ Brief History
how do i get my colorado red card

How do I qualify for medical marijuana?

If you suffer from chronic pain, MS, HIV, cancer, cachexia, glaucoma, nausea, epilepsy, you may qualify for a mmj red card.

MMJ Qualifications


Lovely strains and friendly and peppy budtender who eagerly showed off his buds lol. i like enthusiasm and lot of choice which means i left happy this time and will be back. good job on stepping it up much appreciated!

Their customer service skills are very very good! as soon as you walk in the door you have an employee in front of you to serve you. Jake really knows his stuff

Good dispensary, definetly lots of choices whether it's their huge selection of top shelf strains and more edibles than I've ever seen or can comprehend.

Came across this place called Strawberry Feilds awhile back and haven't purchased marijuana from any other dispensary in town since. They always have a wide selection of marijuana available.

The best quality bud with a ton of selections. This grower knows what he is doing! Very nice trichomes, with great potent smell. I don't need to go anywhere else.

The staff always treats me great and they always throw in something for free. I appreciate their service and will continue to return.

Went back in today traveled over 100 miles and passed alot of shops on the way it is worth it for me I think.

The purity of the meds really shines both in taste and high.

If you have not been to Strawberry Fields before I "highly" recommend that you do! The buds are top notch and they are very modestly priced. The staff is very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable the whole time I was there.

Very nice place. Super friendly and alot of options for some good ganja.

good place! nice meds,nice peeps,nice day!

It has a clean, comfortable waiting room and the staff is profesional. The store itself is amazing.

The staff here was very polite and spot on with there recommendations. there zipper list deal was just amazing!

They had a huge selection of bud which was real nice. They treated us very nice too.

The guys at SF were nice and very helpful. The quality of meds is amazing and the selection does not fall short. I am happy that they try to update at least every other day.

Overall this place was great!

Strawberry Fields was my first dispencery I went to and maybe the last it was awesome!

After 15-20 visits over 5 months to Strawberry Fields, I'm very pleased and impressed with the style and class of this MMC. The location is discreet, clean, attractive and always smells heavenly! My interactions with Desiree and Mike have always exceeded my expectations. Desiree has great energy and always goes the extra step to make me leave feeling well cared for. Jake has amazing knowledge and since I drive out of my way to get to SF.

These people know their med's and when they aren't low :P Keep some amazing goodies!! I go here when every they are stocked! Make sure to try them at least once you can decide from there :) If only they were closer to me!

As someone who is very picky about the quality of medicinal products, I'd have to say the butane hash oil I picked up at Strawberry Fields is pretty clean. It burned smooth to grey ash and had a nice earthy taste.

I'm positive I'm gonna switch them to my caregivers. The atmosphere was laid back, place was slow so I was in and out. Staff was nice and friendly

I drive from Pueblo! Must try this dispensary!

Good experience with the 'tenders. Well kept, nice and clean facility. Well organized rooms, products and shelves. Nice place inside! pleasant staff and definitely well managed concerning "the system". No complaints there whatsoever.

You guys are definitely worthy of the award for best in the state. In my two years of being a patient I havn't seen a more professional crew and polished crew, with the meds were being unbelievable also. Thanks Strawberry Fields Forever.

After visiting numerous dispensaries in the last 18 months I have concluded that SF is the place for me. Recently voted the best Collective in the great state of Colorado, I couldn't agree more. Beautiful buds and reasonable pricing to go with a knowledgeable and professional staff. Great member discounts also! Voodoo Star is quite tantallizing and my favorite.

Voodoo Star is the best tasting strain I've ever tasted!! It is just juicy and dripping with powerful exotic flavor! And the best part is they have had a full jar of it every time I've been there!! I have a hard time trying strains I haven't before because the first couple I did try are so amazing! I could go on forever! Oh yea, and the hash selection is also second to none!

I am very impressed with not only the great bud at Strawberry Fields, but also with the staff !!!

I can honestly say this is one of the best mmc's i have been to in a long time. The guy and gal working in Strawberry Fields and the time of my visit were super helpful and very friendly.

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